Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rugby Mishap

23 August 2016 112414 AM NZST.jpg
On Monday I bent my finger back playing rugby.

We were playing a game where you place the ball and scoop it up. When I was running back I tripped over the ball, landed in a diving position and bent my pinkie back towards me. It hurt so bad I nearly cried.

When I got home I told Mum I had a sore finger. She looked at it and when she touched it I nearly spewed on her because it hurt too much. The nerve reacted and  made my stomach feel funny. Mum strapped my pinkie to my ring finger with medical tape. Everytime I try to straighten it it stings like a bee.

Hopefully it will get better by Thursday because I have soccer training and a game on Saturday.

By Adam


  1. Hi Adam, I’m Javahn from Rangikura School and I’m so sorry about you pinkey. I hope your pinkey is ok and you can play rugby again. Hopefully your finger is ok by Thursday. If your finger is ok then good for your game on Saturday.

    Kind regard Javahn
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  2. Hello Adam my name is Havana from Rangikura School,

    I'm sorry about your pinky I hope it gets better. You must of been tired as well from running around playing rugby. I really hope your finger gets better soon because I think it's happened to me as well and it did hurt. I got a little shiver down my spine when you said I bent my pinkie back towards me.

    From Havana


  3. Hi my name is Darnell.

    That must of really hurt how you bent your finger. Were you doing a tournament or a normal game? Did you just fall over or got tackled?If you play tackle rugby? I remember when that happened to me that really hurt. But I kept going then at the end of the game I told them and they put a bandage on my finger. Also I’m really sorry for your finger because I want you to play rugby again. Do you want to play rugby again?

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Adam
    Ow! Your finger looks really sore and it looks like it’s in bad pain. Question. Did you break your pinky finger or did you just badly hurt it? I hope your finger gets better as soon as possible so you can go to your scooter training.

    Rangikura school

  5. Hi Adam, my name is Philip.

    I really wanted to comment on your post because that just looks really painful, I think that you got tackled really hard. I really like your post because you used so many descriptive words to keep it interesting for the readers and I was proud to be one of those readers. If I was your parents I’d think that was a honest piece. I am just going to say that God gave you a gift and by the looks of it you’ve been using it very well, keep up the good work.

    Kind regards


  6. Hi Adam, my name is Benjamin.
    I feel really sorry about the incident that happened on Monday. I think if I was in your position I would be in so much pain right now. I really hope you heal in a couple of days, I hope it heals back to normal.

    Kind regards

    From Benjamin.