Monday, 22 August 2016

Rubbish and Recycling

Today we emptied out the recycling bin to look what was in it. It was very disappointing. The bin was really stinky because people had been putting fruit and milk cartons in it. The milk cartons had dripped into the bottom of the bin, soaked into some paper and started to rot and go mouldy. It really was a bad smell. We could smell it all last week, but didn’t know what it was.
Things that don't belong in the paper recycling bin...

Milk Cartons -
These need to go in the blue milk recycling bins.  They need to be empty, folded and squished first.

Packets, Glad Wrap, etc -
These need to be taken home to be disposed of. It may be possible to reuse zippy sandwich bags.  The best solution would be not to bring packet food to school at all!

Food Scraps -
We now have pig buckets at school. All food scraps need to be put in these buckets.  No plastic or foil.

Lunch Order Waste -
If you have a lunch box with you, put the rubbish in it and take it home.  If you don’t have a lunchbox, put it in the rubbish bin.

Paper and Card -
Put it in the recycling bin. Do not crumple.  No paper or card that has food or grease on it. No paper towels or tissues.



  1. Hi Te Kaho 3,

    My name is Musharraf from Rangikura School. I like how you guys are doing recycling at your school we are as well. We did a poster with a teacher. Well anyway I really like how you guys take care of your school and your class.




  2. Hi my name is Sonia,

    I loved reading your post. I think it was such a great way to show looking after the environment, I bet it was disgusting to look at all of that moldy milk, it must have been disappointing to see that in your paper recycling bin. I can imagine this weird smell in the classroom and not knowing what it is, that must have been a horrible feeling.

    Kind Regards Sonia

  3. What a good topic! I like how you told us what condition the re-souse were in. and how you describe them. you went though step by step witch was good too.

  4. Hi, I really like how you go through the bins and find out whats in there and teach people about it.I never thought of it as the milk making it stinking it always though it was the food scraps.I never new paper could rot because of milk leaking.(no wonder it was stinky)
    Lucia from bayfield