Friday, 10 June 2016

The Crazy Burger Attack

In Pancake Town all is peaceful, but in a trash can hundreds of burgers are getting thrown away and dumped because of people's obsession over pancakes.


“Ahh,It's a monster” I scream in

“Tell me again, how did it turn enormous?” Austin asks me.

“People threw away the burgers into the one trash can in the park and the burgers combined and this happened,” I remind Austin.

“Ahh!” Austin screams as the burger chomps him before swallowing him whole.

“Hup two three four, hup two three four,” the army men chant as they shoot the burger.


“Ahh”! The army men scream as they get swallowed.

“Wait... I might have to eat the burger,” I think. “Delicious,” I say between mouthfuls of the burger’s grease filled patties. Minutes later the burger is inside my tummy.

“Hi Austin,” I say as I help him up. Luckily Austin was still alive. “Man this town is weird, first I got attacked by a scarecrow now I get attacked by a burger what next?” I ask Austin.

“I don't know bro. I don't know,” Austin replies.

By Kalen


  1. Hi Kalen

    We were totally captivated by your crazy burger story! It sounded like a horrific experience! Our teacher was so pleased the tomato sauce didn't jump out and slap Austin!

    What will happen next to Austin, we are wondering!

    Left wondering

    Room 15 TPPS WA


  2. Hi Te Kaho 3

    I really liked reading your crazy burger attack. But I was a little scared when you said:

    “I ate the burger”

    I was surprised you ate your friend and the army men. And question were you eating a burger when you got the idea of the post?. Seen By Memphis

    Rangikura school

  3. Hello Kalen,

    My name is Turua from Rangikura school. I like your creativity that you put in the story, like how the burgers combined together. I also thought the main character’s idea of eating the burger was great. I hope to see another great post from you.

    Kind regards, Turua

  4. Hi Kalen I’m Javahn, I was laughing hard out about your crazy burglar story! It sounded like a weird town lucky the tomato sauce didn't slap Austin. Just so you know your blog is the best. First getting chased by a scarecrow now this, what will happen next? The good thing about this is the speech
    marks in the right place keep the good work up.

    What will happen to Austin next ?

    Your sincerely

    Javahn Blog :

    Class blog :


  5. HI Kalen my name is Matatia and I am from Rangikura school. I really love the part when you said who’s next that feIt like it was going for me. And the title too I love it. I feIt like I was in that movie. I really love your story too.

    Once again I really love your story because you put punctuations and also it make sense.

    Kind regards


    Room 10:

  6. Wow Kaylen,

    That is really great work!!! The way that you used adjectives is really good, and it must of been really scary to be in that story! I certainly would have been scared!

    From Locky Calder

  7. Hi kalen

    I really liked the story it was very nerveracking and exciting. You did a great job with the punctuation and paragraphs.

    We wonder what will happen next to Austin?

    From Jasper and Hudson

  8. Hi Kalen
    My name is Madi i think your story has a good structure it is a really awesome story to read and I forgot I’m from Tom Price Primary school what will happen next to them
    Room15 TPPS WA

  9. Hi Kalen,

    My name is Musharraf from Rangikura school. I like your story because I can imagine myself in the story, anyway the story is really great. My favourite part is when your friend screamed AHH! when the burger almost ate him whole. Thanks for letting me comment on your blog.

    Yours sincerely,