Monday, 13 June 2016

Tanki Online

Tanki is a game that involves skill, but everyone has no skill when they start. This game is an online multiplayer game that needs internet to play.

First go into your garage and purchase twins and wasp this will allow you to fire rapidly and get around the battlefield fast with wasp.

I recommend the map highway. Play as defence and destroy the enemy team if they try to take the flag. This will get you xp and crystals.

When you start to rank up or level up a few times you can buy railgun and hornet. If you want you can do parkour. Just get high up, turn your turret to the side and drive off and fire and you will do a cool side flip.

Once you get more experience you can buy thunder and have viking or hunter as a hull this will give you more armor but you will not be fast. With thunder your best chance is to be stealthy and hide behind a bush.

When you get to higher ranks you can buy m1s, 2s and 3s. They will help you out. When you go into your garage you will find this gun Isida. If you have Isida equipped and you are on low health you can zap an enemy and you will get more health. You can also heal your own team.

Kits are helpful they give you m1s and paints (here are some names of some kits) bulldog,cupid,hero,predator,vampire,striker,keeper,hammer of thor,fighter,andfirebly kit.
This is all I know about how to be a pro. Have a great time on the battlefield tankers.

If you want to friend me my username is M4D_11.
Want to play the game? Search for tankionline and click the first link.

By Jack


  1. Hi Jack from Tom Price Primary School in WA Australia.

    Thank you for your game review. No one in the class has played this game before. However after your detailed review, most of us are really keen to check it out.

    It was great how you described the starting of the game, how to gain protection, how to heal your team mates and yourself.

    We are all very intrigued!

    from Room 15 TPPS

    1. Hi Jack,

      This is a really cool piece of writing thanks for the cool tips and tricks on Tanki. I will try it on my laptop after school when I get home.

      From Mya

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  3. Comment

    Hi my name is Izzy. I really like that game because i have played it before. It’s sort of hard to play Tanki online but i do not give up. Me and my sister played it in the holidays. But above all i really liked your post with lot’s of complex.


    How many time’s have you played it ?

    P.s can you check my blog if so here’s the link just click it

  4. Hi I’m a Patrick from Room 10 @ Rangikura.

    Yes you do need skill to play tanki because I’m really good at this game. I haven’t got wasp because I don't need it I have something better for my tank.

    What happens if someone is a starter and they don’t know how to play? I’ve done it but with a combo.

    I have some questions for you to answer:

    What level are you on?

    Is there a glitch when you do that flip?

    Here is a link to my blog:

  5. Hi Jack Tanki is my favorite game online. I play that game everyday after school but I have to do my homework first before I can play. Now I’m a pro at Tanki and that is a good piece of writing.

    By Javahn:

  6. I think that mate be true I had played Tanki online and I have keep on getting killed. But my friend patrick is like a pro at Tanki, if I played him he’ll win.
    Ok when I go back on it I’ll get: twins and wasp. ‘‘I’ll kill them all with the wasp’’.
    I’ll go on the highway but why? Yes I’ll get the flag !!!
    Oh I got another question for you. What will happen when I don’t get up a few levels?
    Hay have you did a flap in a combo before?
    I’ll try and get up to buy the gun isida, and the 1s, 2s, and 3s.
    I will get on their and use M4D_11.

    From: Kaleb

  7. Hello Jack, my name is Turua.

    My favourite tip in your post was the information you gave me on the Isida weapon. I like the Isida weapon because whenever I have it. Because when I see an enemy but I also am on low health, I can zap them whenever I want and get more health. I have never played this game, but I think if I had a try on the game your tips would make me a champ.

    Yours sincerely,


  8. Kia ora Jack my name is Musharraf I have heard that you’ve been playing tanki online. I have played it with my big brother. Tanki is a fun game, you have to go around and kill or destroy other enemies. When you die I think you can upgrade your tank to a higher level. When you kill someone you get a care package right? Your comment might help me in the game.

    Yours sincerely,


  9. hi Jack,
    thanks for your tips because i am not very good at the game. it is very hard for me.

    from Jaim

  10. Hi Jack I am Eraia . I want to comment on your cool post about Tanki online. Thanks for some tips and tricks on Tanki online. I will try to play on it when I go to my nan's house. I am going to try my best to beat your rank. I am interested in more of your game tips and tricks.

    Kind regards

  11. Tank you Jack I will try out this game and if I become a boss I will dedicate all credit to you Jack