Friday, 13 May 2016

Failing Sticks

As I was walking down the path I heard a thump behind me. I turned to look and there it stood , the stake that held our scarecrow. The scarecrow had a raggedy hat and a coat made out of a sack. There was the stake, but where was the scarecrow? 

I heard a noise and smelt some straw, just like the bag of sticks that scares away the birds. I looked down at my feet but nothing was to be seen. I thought and thought, but had no idea where it could be!

I heard a groan and was shocked when something poked me in the leg. “Ow!” I cried and looked behind me and just guess what I saw …

I saw the scarecrow! Trying to… grab my leg? If it was trying to grab my leg it was failing miserably. 

I easily walked away from the scarecrow and from then on the scarecrow was called failing sticks!



  1. Hi Lucy,

    This is a really cool piece of writing. The bit that was really really cool was when you said it grabbed my leg, I was like is this going to have a good ending or is someone going to die.

    From Daisy

  2. Hi Lucy I’m Maria and this is an amazing story! I loved it when you said at the start that you heard it groan because it made me feel creeped out. The failing sticks part really describes how the scarecrow is old, broken and rusty too! The picture that you used for this particular story really makes it stand out when you called the title failing sticks. This is a really wonderful piece of writing, thanks for the creepiness!!!

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Lucy, I’m Mya this is a really fun piece of writing,
    You really made me feel like I was that person in your amazing story, keep up the really good work Lucy and I hope to read more of your fantastic work.

    Kind regards