Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Rainbow's End

I heard the public screaming with 50% fear and 50% nausea. The chain of the ride clicked as it turned around. As the music boomed in the background me and the public puked.
I saw the world as if it was shape shifting. My feet dangled in the air and the water rippled underneath.
I had butterflies in my stomach and the wind pushed against my face. My seat-belt felt loose and I thought I might slip out of my seat.
I imagined what would happen if a bolt came out. I wondered if this was my last day on earth.


Friday, 16 September 2016

Little Garden Growing News

Today when we arrived at school some of our seeds had germinated. Cress and broccoli had popped up a few leaves and lettuce had just poked a shoot through the soil.
Mr Wood is making a cover to keep the pots moist over the weekend when there's nobody here to water them.

Keep watching, we're sure there will be more growth next week!

Te Kaho 3

Adventure on the Round-Up

File:Crazy Cage at Frome ...
I went to the Nightglow.  I went on the Round-Up ride.  It went up at an angle.  It didn’t have a safety belt or buckle.  

It went so fast the gravity pushed my body back against the steel fence.  

It went high it was fun, but I wasn’t really scared.

by Trydint

Monday, 12 September 2016

Little Garden

Today our Little Garden was delivered.  Each of us has a little pot with seeds and a soil tablet in. We added our names to the labels.
Then we put all of the little pots in the tray.  There are 24 altogether. We'll need another tray because we have 4 or 5 extra ones.
Tomorrow we'll follow the instructions on the packets, mix up the soil and plant the seeds.

If you want to know more about Little Garden keep your eyes open when shopping at New World.

Te Kaho 3

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rugby Mishap

23 August 2016 112414 AM NZST.jpg
On Monday I bent my finger back playing rugby.

We were playing a game where you place the ball and scoop it up. When I was running back I tripped over the ball, landed in a diving position and bent my pinkie back towards me. It hurt so bad I nearly cried.

When I got home I told Mum I had a sore finger. She looked at it and when she touched it I nearly spewed on her because it hurt too much. The nerve reacted and  made my stomach feel funny. Mum strapped my pinkie to my ring finger with medical tape. Everytime I try to straighten it it stings like a bee.

Hopefully it will get better by Thursday because I have soccer training and a game on Saturday.

By Adam

Monday, 22 August 2016

Rubbish and Recycling

Today we emptied out the recycling bin to look what was in it. It was very disappointing. The bin was really stinky because people had been putting fruit and milk cartons in it. The milk cartons had dripped into the bottom of the bin, soaked into some paper and started to rot and go mouldy. It really was a bad smell. We could smell it all last week, but didn’t know what it was.
Things that don't belong in the paper recycling bin...

Milk Cartons -
These need to go in the blue milk recycling bins.  They need to be empty, folded and squished first.

Packets, Glad Wrap, etc -
These need to be taken home to be disposed of. It may be possible to reuse zippy sandwich bags.  The best solution would be not to bring packet food to school at all!

Food Scraps -
We now have pig buckets at school. All food scraps need to be put in these buckets.  No plastic or foil.

Lunch Order Waste -
If you have a lunch box with you, put the rubbish in it and take it home.  If you don’t have a lunchbox, put it in the rubbish bin.

Paper and Card -
Put it in the recycling bin. Do not crumple.  No paper or card that has food or grease on it. No paper towels or tissues.


Friday, 1 July 2016

The Last Leaf

It is the third day of autumn and June is at the window watching, waiting.

It has a big brown trunk with yellow, orange, red and brown swirling all around it.

But what is that? There is something on the brown arm that sticks out of the trunk.

It’s a mixture of red, orange and yellow dark to light. June sits silently watching waiting.

The leaf falls swirling, twirling and drifting away in the dawn of broad daylight.